GRNSW visits greyhound racing in Vietnam – We still don’t know why.

Australian greyhounds exported overseas are living in deplorable conditions

Below is the post by Gone are the Dogs regarding GRNSW’s visit to greyhound racing in Vietnam.

Links are provided below to related documents in pdf format.


Reproduced from the Gone are the Dogs Facebook page:

In June 2016, GRNSW went on a secret visit to the greyhound tracks in Vietnam.

This is the report.

Please share widely.

GRNSW doesn’t want the public to know about their activities.

One of the vets, John Newell, who helped start greyhound breeding in Vietnam, still works for GRNSW as a trackside vet. (Update – John Newelll is GRNSW Head Vet again) This man shouldn’t be around any animals). He also helped breeding programs in China. Yes China!

The heinous side to greyhound racing in Vietnam was exposed in 2015 with a video showing greyhounds being poisoned and then dumped in a hole.  GRNSW did an inquiry into greyhound exports in March last year and it has not been released to the public.

179 people were charged with exporting greyhounds but there is no public record of their penalties. Four people received 450 charges and there is no record of their penalties. Business as usual for the regulators. About John Newell and his involvement in the export industry:

One of the tracks is a joint venture between a Vietnamese and an Australian business called Hemlock Services company (Australia).

This is the Facebook page –

What can you do to help?

1) Email GRNSW and ask them why they are visiting tracks in Vietnam? What is their relationship to Hemlock Services?

2) Ask them why John Newell is working for GRNSW he has helped breeding programs in both Vietnam and China, and helped expand greyhound racing in China when they are both countries where there are no animal welfare laws. Where greyhounds have been transported to dog meat slaughter houses, where dogs are boiled alive and have their skinned ripped off?

3) Ask them when they are going to release their report investigation into greyhound exports?

4) Ask them what penalties did the 179 participants receive for exporting greyhounds to Asia?

Why has this information been not available to the public? –> –>

send a copy of your email to the NSW Minister of Racing, Paul Toole


and the shadow minister,

Michael Daley.



Phone: (02) 9349 6440

Twitter: @michaeldaleyMP

Facebook: Michael Daley M


See pdf’s here:




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