The Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds Incorporated.

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The Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds Inc. was started by several members of the Animal Justice Party with a special interest in greyhounds in 2015 after the Four Corners live baiting expose.

Today the Coalition is a mix of independent greyhound welfare campaigners, representatives of various animal welfare activist groups and representatives of greyhound rescue groups from across Australia.

We are dedicated to exposing the truth behind the greyhound racing industry. Our aim is to lobby governments to close down the industry. Greyhounds are sensitive and intelligent dogs who have the same desires as all dog breeds. The lives lived by greyhounds in the industry are short and filled with misery. Just like their cousins in puppy farms, the vast majority of racing greyhounds are treated like objects for money making. Once their racing career is over at the young age of four or five years, these beautiful animals are discarded like broken objects.

Even during their racing days, they endure lives of confinement in cages. Apart from the two periods of 10 minutes each, per 24 hour cycle when they are let out (as per the code of practice requirements) and when they are racing, they are kept in small enclosures alone. They lack the companionship that dogs, as social animals require.

This is no life for man’s best friend.

We will fight until the day that greyhounds are no longer abused by the racing industry.

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  1. It may not be true for all trainers and owners but it is true for most. Even those who “love” their dogs are exposing them to extraordinarily high risk of injury which in 99.9% of cases proves fatal since the dogs are killed even though their injuries are treatable!

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  2. There are substantial data to support our comments. Not all trainers mistreat their dogs but most do. Even those who “love” them, expose them to extremely high risk of injury on the tracks – of which 99.9% are fatal because the dogs are killed even though their injuries are treatable.

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  3. Have a look at our FB page where we provide specific information about greyhounds who are injured and then killed – and this is only a small number of them. Four or five greyhounds are injured every week on racetracks – see RSPCA, the steward reports themselves give this info,

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  4. I have owned pet greyhounds since 1996 when people thought I was crazy to choose a greyhound as a pet. My last greyhound was put down in November 2014 due to bone cancer. I havent had the courage to replace her but I know I wouldn’t own any other breed after my experience with those gentle and intelligent animals.
    I belong to GAP NSW and to AJP NSW. I would be happy to receive good news about greyhounds but plese do not send me information about cruelty to them. I already know a lot about cruelty and I find it too upsetting. I am not on social media but can be accessed via email below. Regards Jocelyn Vieira


  5. Ditto. We love our 2, he was 3 when we adopted him and had raced according to fast track website. She was 2 and had had zero starts; can’t work out how she is alive. I want to help and live in suburban Sydney / and I have a lot of experience advocating for kids in detention centres (with some success) – I feel furious reading the industry rebuttal and want to write a “people’s rebuttal” to it.


  6. Glad to come across your group (on Facebook) – and admire your commitment to such an important cause. Keep up the good work, people!


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