The 2018 Greyhound Rescue Rita Awards

The awards have been given their name in honor of one very lucky greyhound and her very special rescuer Lorraine Ramsey. The inaugural award will, of course, go to Rita.  You can read Rita’s story here: In addition to the top award this year going to Lorraine Ramsey, we (The Coalition for the Protection... Continue Reading →


Saving Rita

Every greyhound has a story, and most rescuers have many. Most are sad stories of exploitation, neglect and abuse, with few having happy endings. Some stories are tales of good and evil, showing us opposing sides of human nature: those who show no remorse, gratitude or care, and those with incredible courage who never give... Continue Reading →

Action Alert: Lismore Council

  Below please find sample letter for you to send to the Lismore Council councillors who supported an increase in the number of races at the Lismore track   To copy and paste this letter, please print it as a pdf file first. Ideally, you will make your own personal changes for more impact. Email... Continue Reading →

Greyhound Breeding Incentives to be reintroduced in Victoria – A Reform Backflip?

  Following the 2015 greyhound racing live baiting expose, the discovery of several mass graves turned attention to industry “wastage” involving the killing of thousands of young and healthy dogs.   In July, 2015, Victorian racing minister Martin Pakula announced an end to the Breeding Incentive Scheme and emphasized animal welfare... Continue Reading →

Is the widespread use of basket and barking muzzles during training and kennelling detrimental to the well-being of greyhounds?

One of the Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds committee members saw the following article in GRV's monthly magazine. The arguments are being made by Andrew Copley that barking muzzles help stop dogs from becoming dehydrated and that wearing them reduces their stress. What a load of bollocks! If the trainers are so concerned about... Continue Reading →

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