Please find below the Coalition's submission to the select committee on Animal Cruelty laws in NSW. In addition to the main submission, there are three pdf attachments. The Select committee has a place for you to respond via online questionnaire at the link given on the page below: The deadline is 29th November.... Continue Reading →

Tasracing Annual Report Analysis

    Thank you Fran Chambers, Let Greyhounds Run Free for submitting your report to us. The industry report can be found at: Fran's analysis: It is a depressing report. It’s all about money - to ensure that the Government and Industry’s greed ensures that forcing animals to race brings in more and more... Continue Reading →

No Loyalty. Winning big didn’t save him.

Lochinvar Marlow was a champion greyhound who won his owner Clare Gordon and trainer Robert Smith a total of $184.945 but that was not enough to save him from being exported to the Canidrome hellhole where he died. Read about his story here: GLM6_lochinvar marlow  

High court case for live baiting

Live baiters go to the High Court of Australia Tuesday 15th October It’s been nearly 5 years since the Four Corners expose, and Zeke Kadir and Donna Grech have still not been held accountable for their vile acts of animal cruelty.  Zeke Kadir ran a breaking-in facility at Wilshire Park, west of Sydney, and Donna Grech... Continue Reading →

These are lists of companies that sponsored greyhound racing in South Australia in July and August, 2019.

 Please write to these companies and express your disappointment that they are supporting a cruel and corrupt gambling industry. See here for a sample letter:   July ANGLE PARK WINNING FORMULA KURT DONSBERG PHOTOGRAPHY CINDERELLAS COMMERCIAL CLEANING BGC INDUSTRIAL CLEANING SUPPLIES BARGAIN STEEL ACCELL THERAPY DUKE OF BRUNSWICK HOTEL   GAWLER THE BUNYIP GAWLER... Continue Reading →

Sponsors of greyhound racing in Tasmania – August, 2019

  Devonport The Advocate Ulverstone Pet Foods Custom Resources & Recruitment Crown Lager Put Your Quaddies On Surepick Ladbrokes Dowling McCarthy Tyres Synectic Devonport   Hobart Winning Edge Kibble The Mercury Tasracing * Carlton United Brewery Cascade Draught Put Your Quaddies On Cascade Draught Ladbrokes Rapidvite Surepick Tasmanian Hospitality Association Tourism Accommodation Aust (Tas) Restaurants,... Continue Reading →

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