21 injured greyhounds: an “outstanding success” at Taree

The NSW greyhound racing club of Taree celebrated its first TAB meeting in June 2020 with a scorecard of 21 injured greyhounds. The big day occurred on 17 June, with a “dress rehearsal” held on 3 June. At just these two race meetings, 15 greyhounds were injured while racing. A catalogue of pain The injury... Continue Reading →

Nothing has changed – Dennis Anderson discusses how greyhounds are still dying and disappearing in NSW

This is a transcript of a talk given by CPG National President Dennis Anderson to the NSW Young Lawyers Animal Welfare Committee on 25 May 2020. Good evening everyone, before I cover the topics I have been asked to address I will explain how I became a greyhound activist. 3 years ago I adopted an... Continue Reading →

More dogs dying under COVID-19 – industry dumps greyhounds on Victorian charities

News Release, 22 April 2020Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds More ex-racers in Victoria will die because Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV) is diverting owners to charity rescues, the Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds (CPG) said today. GRV's rehoming arm called GAP (Greyhound Adoption Program) have recently stopped taking new greyhounds for rehoming due to... Continue Reading →

Letter re: proposed 40Mil Ipswich track

Please see below our form letter for you to edit or use as a guide for a letter to send to all Ipswich councillors and Qld MP's.   See the excel file attached here for MP contact details: Qld govt MEMMERGEEXCEL thank you CPG team ************************************************************************************* Dear xxxxxxxxxx, I am writing to express my disappointment... Continue Reading →

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