Greyhound Breeding Incentives to be reintroduced in Victoria – A Reform Backflip?

  Following the 2015 greyhound racing live baiting expose, the discovery of several mass graves turned attention to industry “wastage” involving the killing of thousands of young and healthy dogs.   In July, 2015, Victorian racing minister Martin Pakula announced an end to the Breeding Incentive Scheme and emphasized animal welfare... Continue Reading →


GRNSW visits greyhound racing in Vietnam – We still don’t know why.

Below is the post by Gone are the Dogs regarding GRNSW's visit to greyhound racing in Vietnam. Links are provided below to related documents in pdf format.   Reproduced from the Gone are the Dogs Facebook page: In June 2016, GRNSW went on a secret visit to the greyhound tracks in Vietnam. This is the... Continue Reading →

Is the widespread use of basket and barking muzzles during training and kennelling detrimental to the well-being of greyhounds?

One of the Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds committee members saw the following article in GRV's monthly magazine. The arguments are being made by Andrew Copley that barking muzzles help stop dogs from becoming dehydrated and that wearing them reduces their stress. What a load of bollocks! If the trainers are so concerned about... Continue Reading →

The Greyhound Racing Industry makes a Questionable Economic Contribution to Victoria but is Unquestionably Harmful.

  The recently released “Size and Scope of the Victorian Greyhound Racing Industry” report [1], states that in 2015-2016, the industry was responsible for generating more than $408.6 million dollars in value added contribution to the Victorian economy. The claim is made by GRV that “Greyhound racing contributes hundreds of millions of dollars annually to... Continue Reading →

Grey2K USA Greyhound Racing Factsheet

Attached is a pdf of Grey2K USA - Worldwide's factsheet for Greyhound racing around the world. This article gives an up-to-date summary of the industry around the world. GREY2K-USA-WORLDWIDE-DOG-RACING-FACT-SHEET-MAY-2017.pdf "Australia, reported 3,006 litters in 2015. Using the conservative estimate of six pups per litter, the industry bred approximately 18,036 greyhounds that year. In 2015, only 11,732... Continue Reading →

Media Release 4 May 2017 Racing Appeals & Disciplinary Board

This report makes for  disturbing reading. See it here: media_release_lrr42.1_gar106(1)(a)_gar1...13176d-cad7-41e4-b632-030422d4f719.pdf Despite the obvious lack of care for his dogs, Victorian greyhound racing trainer, Mr Hill received only minor sentencing as follows: "The charges against Mr. Hill are all serious ones and strike at the good name of the industry and have enormous relevance for animal... Continue Reading →

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