Insights into the lives of racing greyhounds in Victoria – August 2020

As seen in official Victorian stewards’ reports.

  • Total injuries: 347
  • Major injuries: 53
    including Life-threatening injuries  33

These are the highest monthly numbers for 2020

  • Deaths: 1
    Saint Burner – killed with a fractured radius/ulna at Shepparton on 8 August

Note that 16 greyhounds sustained fractured bones, with stand-down periods of 60 or 90 days. We have to ensure these dogs don’t “disappear”.

  • Falls: 63 greyhounds fell during races.
    1 died, many were injured. Seven falls occurred at one race meeting at The Meadows.  The race videos of falls are disturbing.  
  • Most injuries
    Cranbourne:  52
    Warragul:  47
    Bendigo:  45

Scenes from the tracks:

  •  Three greyhounds showed signs of Post Exercise Distress Syndrome (PEDS), with one dog showing signs of Ataxia/Hypermetria (loss of bodily control). A racing vet has described PEDS as “a group of poorly understood non-orthopaedic conditions”.  These conditions can be classed as PEDS:  diaphragmatic flutter (DF), ataxia (EIA), seizure, collapse and sudden death.
  •  Greyhound Hartland Gus was removed with flea infestation.
  • One trainer withdrew seven greyhounds with injury at a Warrnambool race meeting – stewards are investigating.
  •  Numerous trainers were questioned over the racing frequency of multiple greyhounds. Some of these greyhounds were then injured during racing. But these trainers are questioned throughout the year – will the stewards take action?
  • One greyhound jumped over the running rail and ran across the in-field to the parked lure.
  • Several dogs were injured in “incidents” in the catching pen.
  • One dog with dehydration was removed by the vet.
  • Greyhound You Tell Me sustained a fractured metatarsal and abdominal bruising – 90 day stand-down.

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