A Kinder lutruwita/Tasmania for Animals – Tasmanian Greens Policy Platform

by Sarah Wilson The Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds (CPG) welcomes the recent Tasmanian Greens policy platform promising to end greyhound racing in Tasmania. The announcement includes an allocation of $2 million over four years to phase out the greyhound racing industry in the state. This would bring Tasmania into step with the ACT,... Continue Reading →

The death of Wagtail Sage – how WA injury recovery schemes are failing greyhounds

by Free the Hounds, greyhound welfare advocacy group based in Perth, Western Australia Trackside euthanasia in WA has significantly decreased over the past couple of years due to the introduction of two injury schemes. The schemes mostly cover dogs who’ve sustained fractures to either the hock or foreleg. One scheme provides financial support to the... Continue Reading →

The lowdown on SLO

by Dr. Belinda Oppenheimer BVSc (Hons) MANZCVS SLO, short for Symmetrical Lupoid Onchodystrophy, is a rare disease of dogs affecting the nails of the paws. While a very uncommon condition, certain breeds appear predisposed, including the greyhound. SLO is an autoimmune condition. It can be thought of as a highly specific version of lupus in... Continue Reading →

Australian greyhound exports – going, going, gone?

by Jeff White, International Reporter, Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds A racing greyhound at Macau’s Canidrome racetrack, where dogs were routinely destroyed if they underperformed. Source: Animals Australia For many years Australia was the world’s biggest exporter of greyhounds. As recently as 2015, official government export statistics for the year showed 200 gone to... Continue Reading →

Who sponsors the carnage in Victoria?

Victoria is the country's deadliest state for greyhounds. 53 greyhounds have been killed on Victoria's tracks so far in 2020. More than 2,500 have suffered injury. The following scenes from Victoria are just a small selection of the pain and suffering that greyhounds have to endure. Warragul - Fifteen Love - muscle injuryThe Meadows -... Continue Reading →

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