Greyhound Breeding Incentives to be reintroduced in Victoria – A Reform Backflip?


  • Following the 2015 greyhound racing live baiting expose, the discovery of several mass graves turned attention to industry “wastage” involving the killing of thousands of young and healthy dogs.


  • In July, 2015, Victorian racing minister Martin Pakula announced an end to the Breeding Incentive Scheme and emphasized animal welfare initiatives including reducing the numbers of greyhound being bred.


  • The industry’s never-ending cycle of breeding and killing of young and healthy dogs is unpalatable to the community and has led to several national rallies to end the industry.


  • In 2016, Greyhound Racing Victoria’s annual report reveals that over 3000 registered greyhounds (more than 8 dogs per day) were killed in 2015-2016 for reasons including “end of career decisions by their owners.”


  • Greyhounds Australasia estimates include that 7,000 greyhounds per year do not make it to the track (40% of all greyhounds whelped) and leaked information revealed that the industry has been responsible for the deaths of anywhere between 13,000 and 17,000 healthy greyhounds per year.


  • The industry’s killing of thousands of young healthy was largely responsible for the 2016 NSW ban announced by Mike Baird.


  • In April this year, the Industry Consultative Group (ICG) of Greyhound Racing Victoria advised that the introduction of breeding incentive and reward schemes were crucial to restoring industry confidence.



  • Earlier this month, GRV released a “Proposed Prize Money and Breeders’ Incentives Package” that is intended to be implemented later this year. The proposed package will deliver around $3.1 Million in returns to participants including more money to trainers and payment to breeders.




One thought on “Greyhound Breeding Incentives to be reintroduced in Victoria – A Reform Backflip?

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  1. That is total bullshit,the trainers now are ringing Forster people up & saying take these dogs or there going to be youthiasised,bloody bribebry & there is to many greys on the waiting list waiting to be forstered,they can’t find homes now & you want them to breed more so they can be killed because there not fast enough. This is a file industry & nothing is going to change,you lie through your teeth. Let greyhounds be dogs & be loved not go from cage to car ,track,car & back to cage. Disgusting


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