Media release: Hidden statistics – Qld greyhound racing deaths and injuries – first half of 2019

Official figures show 33 greyhounds died and 567 were injured on Queensland tracks for the period January to June 2019, announced the Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds (CPG) today. CPG spokesperson, Matthew Stephen, said collated injury data is not made available in Queensland, as occurs in other parts of Australia. Individual Racing Qld stewards’... Continue Reading →

No Loyalty. Winning big didn’t save him.

Lochinvar Marlow was a champion greyhound who won his owner Clare Gordon and trainer Robert Smith a total of $184.945 but that was not enough to save him from being exported to the Canidrome hellhole where he died. Read about his story here: GLM6_lochinvar marlow  

High court case for live baiting

Live baiters go to the High Court of Australia Tuesday 15th October It’s been nearly 5 years since the Four Corners expose, and Zeke Kadir and Donna Grech have still not been held accountable for their vile acts of animal cruelty.  Zeke Kadir ran a breaking-in facility at Wilshire Park, west of Sydney, and Donna Grech... Continue Reading →

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