The CPG response to the NSW GWIC revised rules

Find the rules at this link: We urge you to make a submission. The deadline is July 19th, 2019 The CPG response is in the pdf file found here: Proposed NSW Greyhound Racing Regulations 2019 CPG submission You can complete their online form or email them directly at:      

Greyhound Life Matters – Issue 5 articles

  Please find here links to the main articles from Issue 5 of the Greyhound Life Matters e-zine separated into single pdf files. Why are greyhounds prone to dental disease? - Dr Eric Davis GLM 6-9 DENTAL The power of a collective rescue voice? - Dr Eleonora Gullone GLM 10-13 collective rescue Greys and Galgos:... Continue Reading →

Pre-election NSW Rally in March

The Coalition is organising a pre-election rally in NSW opposing the use of tax payer money to support the cruel and corrupt greyhound racing industry.   Please put the time and date in your calendar and print out or share our information flyer far and wide.   Thank you!   See flyer here: Rally flyer... Continue Reading →

Is Greyhound Racing a Strong Employer?

Recently the Greyhounds Owners Trainers and Breeders Association (GOTBA) has called on their members to counter animal welfare advocates’ arguments against greyhound racing. In issue 36 of Greyhound Monthly Victoria, GOBTA state “Participants need to know facts such as that Victorian greyhound racing supports close to 3,000 full time equivalent positions (FTE) in Victoria alone.”... Continue Reading →

Government support for greyhound racing is self-serving and justified through the deception that it provides economic benefits.

  An evidence-based industry ban followed by a politically motivated reversal.  In June 2016, following a year long, comprehensive NSW Commission of Inquiry into the New South Wales (NSW) greyhound racing industry costing hundreds of thousands of tax payer dollars, 80 recommendations were made. The top recommendation was to shut down industry [1]. Based on... Continue Reading →

2016 NSW Commission of Inquiry report documents.

The 2016 NSW Commission of Inquiry report volumes 1 to 4 are being attached here - for safe keeping. They are no longer easily accessible on the NSW government website.   The links for Volumes 1 to 4e are below:   Report-SCI-Greyhound-Racing-Industry-NSW-Volume-1   Report-SCI-Greyhound-Racing-Industry-NSW-Volume-2   Report-SCI-Greyhound-Racing-Industry-NSW-Volume-3   Report-SCI-Greyhound-Racing-Industry-NSW-Volume-4a   Report-SCI-Greyhound-Racing-Industry-NSW-Volume-4b   Report-SCI-Greyhound-Racing-Industry-NSW-Volume-4c   Report-SCI-Greyhound-Racing-Industry-NSW-Volume-4d  ... Continue Reading →

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