Former Victorian Premier declares his support for a ban on greyhound racing

Dr Eleonora Gullone, manager of the Animal Justice Party’s (AJP) greyhound racing campaign asked former Victorian premier Jeff Kennett (premier between 1992 and 1999) for his support on the AJP’s position on the greyhound racing industry.

In his reply, Mr Kennett went beyond agreeing with the party’s phase-out policy and said “greyhound racing should be banned. Been rife with corrupt practices for years.”

According to Dr Gullone, “given that he was premier of Victoria for eight years, Mr Kennett’s position cannot be ignored.”

“He has acknowledged corrupt practices serious enough to ban the industry.”

“Inquiries into the industries around the country, including Queensland and Victoria have concluded significant criminal behaviour and animal cruelty, requiring their restructuring.”

“However, even with the spotlight on them since the live baiting expose in February, trainer’s have continued the abhotrent practice, with more being charged with live baiting and doping. These people obviously believe they are above the law.”

“It seems then that, as Mr Kennett has said, the only thing that will stop the corruption and criminal behaviour is a total ban.”


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