21 injured greyhounds: an “outstanding success” at Taree

The NSW greyhound racing club of Taree celebrated its first TAB meeting in June 2020 with a scorecard of 21 injured greyhounds.

The big day occurred on 17 June, with a “dress rehearsal” held on 3 June.

At just these two race meetings, 15 greyhounds were injured while racing.

A catalogue of pain

The injury list is a catalogue of pain: lacerated Achilles tendon, torn pin muscle, fractured metacarpus and toe, pin muscle injury, foreleg injury, quad muscle injury, wrist injury, shoulder injury, quad muscle injury, dislocated toe, torn hip muscle, forelimb pastern injury.

And let’s not forget the six dogs that were scratched with pre-race injuries – usually sustained during trials.

Of course, the racing industry hails this as an “outstanding success” and a “huge boon” for racing.

It’s a typical industry tune – hyping the business outcomes and focusing on the growth of gambling.

In fact, the NSW Mid North Coast was seen as a gaping hole in the TAB racing market, and targeted in the GRNSW Strategic Plan.

Of course, the local Nationals MP also gets thanks for his support.

And what of the greyhounds? The industry lauds the Taree events as a “new beginning”, but it’s just the same sorry tragedy of dogs suffering for human greed.

Just a drop in the ocean

The Taree greyhounds are just a drop in the ocean. NSW stewards’ reports show that during 2019, 2530 greyhounds were injured while racing. The injury rate for the first quarter of 2020 reveals an upward trend.

So far this year, 1302 dogs have been injured on NSW tracks, 236 with major injuries. 25 greyhounds have died on the tracks.

In some people’s minds, these dead and battered dogs are part of a success story; for those with an ounce of compassion, it’s a crying shame.  

Sources:  The Greyhound Recorder, Manning River Times, Port Macquarie News

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