The Greyhound Racing Industry makes a Questionable Economic Contribution to Victoria but is Unquestionably Harmful.

  The recently released “Size and Scope of the Victorian Greyhound Racing Industry” report [1], states that in 2015-2016, the industry was responsible for generating more than $408.6 million dollars in value added contribution to the Victorian economy. The claim is made by GRV that “Greyhound racing contributes hundreds of millions of dollars annually to... Continue Reading →


Greyhound Racing: Being a Rescuer in an Industry based on Exploitation.

  The Greyhound Racing Industry in Australia is responsible for the breeding and discarding of thousands of young and healthy dogs every single year. In NSW alone, over the last decade, 97,783 pups were whelped and only 391 were rehomed by the industry adoption program (GAP). See table below. In its report to the NSW... Continue Reading →

Grey2K USA Greyhound Racing Factsheet

Attached is a pdf of Grey2K USA - Worldwide's factsheet for Greyhound racing around the world. This article gives an up-to-date summary of the industry around the world. GREY2K-USA-WORLDWIDE-DOG-RACING-FACT-SHEET-MAY-2017.pdf "Australia, reported 3,006 litters in 2015. Using the conservative estimate of six pups per litter, the industry bred approximately 18,036 greyhounds that year. In 2015, only 11,732... Continue Reading →

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