Link to our Victorian government e-petition to ban greyhound racing.

VICTORIANS ONLY Please sign this petition and share with all of your Victorian friends:


Letter to Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews – Promoting gambling in children.

Please send this letter or a revised version of it to the Premier of Victoria – Honourable Daniel Andrews at: Email: or send a hard copy letter to his office at:   Office of the Premier 1 Treasury Place Melbourne, Victoria Australia, 3002   Dear honourable premier, I am writing to express my deep... Continue Reading →

SHUT IT DOWN – NOTHING HAS CHANGED: A Nationwide Rally to End Greyhound Racing in Australia.

MEDIA RELEASE - 5th April, 2017 This Sunday, 9th April, each state's capital city will host a rally calling for an end to greyhound racing. The time and location details can be found at: According to Founder of the Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds, Dr Eleonora Gullone “Despite the promise of major reforms... Continue Reading →

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