Victoria: Speak Up for the Greys, Call for a Ban!

In light of the recent announcement that NSW and ACT are going to ban greyhound racing, we would like to ask that you spare a few minutes to write to your local papers or MPs in VIC to push for a ban in this state as well. Here are some VIC-specific points you can bring up.

Find your local paper at and be sure to also email The Age ( You can find your local MP here:

You can copy and paste these points into your letters to the editors or MPs – feel free to contact us via Facebook for more specific information on any of these issues.


I applaud New South Wales and the ACT’s courageous move to ban greyhound racing, and want to know why Victoria is not following their example. The animal cruelty issues exposed by the McHugh inquiry in NSW are just as pertinent in our own state:

1. Victoria produced an average of 1098 litters every year between 2003 — 2015 and the average greyhound litter size is six puppies per litter … that means Victoria’s greyhound racing industry has been producing roughly 6588 puppies every year for the last 13 years. However, the Greyhound Racing Victoria-run Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP) recently celebrated rehoming 6,100 dogs in 20 years. Given that VIC’s racing industry produces more greyhounds in one year than it can re-home in 20, the problem of wastage in VIC appear to be just as bad – if not worse – than in NSW.

2. Roughly 10 dogs per month were killed at the track in the first half of 2016. Most were euthanised due to having broken some part of their legs. Whether these dogs could have had their injuries fixed and lived happy lives as pets – we won’t ever know. What we do know is that the youngest of these dogs killed at the track was 22 months old and the oldest was four and a half years old – a tragedy when you consider a greyhound’s natural lifespan is around 10-12 years.

3. Another thing that we do know is that these dogs, who were recorded by GRV in stewards reports as euthanised at the track, are all listed as ‘retired’ on GRV’s own fasttrack database – is this a dishonest cover-up or just sloppy reporting?

4. A further 2,109 injuries of varying severity including fractured legs and back injuries were recorded from Jan – Jun 2016. Whether or not these dogs were put down away from the track is unknown.

This industry’s time is up!

For years, participants have been breeding, using and killing dogs like disposable objects for no discernible reason other than their own enjoyment and entertainment or pure greed. Twenty first century Australia is no place for such barbarism.


Thank you for speaking up for the greys!


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