Greyhound Racing in summer heat is Animal Cruelty.

Summer has begun in earnest.  As animal loving Australians scramble to keep themselves and their beloved companion animals cool and comfortable, the Greyhound Racing industries are trying to continue business as usual.

According to Dr Eleonora Gullone, the Animal Justice Party’s greyhound racing industry campaign coordinator “Just like us, our canine companions are at risk of suffering from heat stroke in these sorts of temperatures.”

“In fact, according to the RSPCA, ‘Heatstroke is a very serious condition: it can lead to multiple organ failure and animals can die quickly from heatstroke.’ [1]

“The greatest predisposing risk factor for stroke in this weather include “excessive exercise”.

“While the average dog loving Australian is ensuring that their companion animals have a cool place to rest and plenty of water, and are even giving the daily walks a miss, Greyhound Racing Industries such as the one in Victoria, believe it is ok to race dogs in 38C degree heat.

“This is despite the fact that the newly structured Greyhound Industry clearly states on its website that ‘Animal welfare is Greyhound Racing Victoria’s overriding priority’.”

“A few weeks ago, races were held in both Ballarat and Traralgon. Ten minutes before the races began the temperature was 41 degrees.”

“A page on the GRV website published just last week (Wednesday 16th December) [2] states that ‘As canines sweat only through the pads of their feet and the pores on the tip of their nose they rely on expelling body heat through evaporation of saliva via panting…..Body temperatures quickly rise, initially leading to signs of heat stroke, and if not resolved, heat stroke and even death’.”

According to Dr Gullone, “There seems to be an endless string on animal cruelty violations in this industry.  It’s time to shut it down. That is the only way to stop this abuse.”

“On Sunday 7th February, Australians are coming together in a Nation-wide rally to call for greyhound racing in Australia to be shut down.” See:



4 thoughts on “Greyhound Racing in summer heat is Animal Cruelty.”

  1. Disgusting and inhumane. It is time to shut down this industry completely. Animals are not toys for our cruel entertainment, they are sentient beings. These dogs are intelligent, gentle and loyal, and deserve to be treated with care and respect always.


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