Contact details for racing ministers around Australia: Please contact them now!

Yesterday, 28th September, 2015 was a day we need to remember. We also need to remember the date that started the significant scrutiny being placed on the Australian and New Zealand Greyhound racing industries – that date was: 16th February, 2015.


Both dates are significant because they have demonstrated once and for all that what many, many people have been saying about the despicable nature of the greyhound racing industry and its participants IS COMPLETELY CORRECT.

  1. It is now indisputable that thousands upon thousands of healthy, young greyhounds are killed annually as part of this gruesome industry


  1. thousand upon thousands of small, innocent animals are used as live bait for the training of greyhounds.

Australians are united in their disgust of this industry.

We will not allow our taxes to support criminals and animal abusers any longer.

With this very clear evidence of cruelty and corruption, governments MUST shut down the industry.

Please write to the racing MP in your state and tell them to shut it down. Your email can be very brief – just please, please spend two minutes to tell them to SHUT IT DOWN!

Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations, Minister for Racing and Minister for Multicultural Affairs – Grace Grace MP,

Phone: (07) 3145 9100

Racing Integrity:


Minister for Hospitality, Gaming and Racing and Deputy Premier

Troy Grant, MP

Phone (02) 8574 6800

Email address has been stopped due to too much traffic (ha ha). Go to: (don’t worry about not finding the correct drop down option)


Minister for Racing and Attorney General

Martin Pakula, MP

Phone (03) 8684 1111

Racing Integrity Officer: Mr Sal Perna


Phone: (03) 8684 7776


Minister for Racing and Deputy Premier

Jeremy Rockliff, MP

Phone: (03) 6478 6050

Office for Racing Integrity:

South Australia

Minister for Racing

Leon Bignell, MP

Phone: (08) 8226 1210


Western Australia

Minister for Housing, Racing and Gaming

Colin James Holt, MP

Phone: (08) 9724 1181



Minister for Racing and Gaming

Joy Burch, MP

Phone: (02) 6205 0020


Northern Territory

Minister for Racing, Gaming, and Licensing

Peter Donald Styles, MP

Phone: 08 8928 6547



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