Free at Last by Lynn Kargol

Racing days are over

Thought the pain would go away

But soon I learned a different fate

Was headed straight my way

He reached his hands into my cage

And pushed me out once more

I glanced at all my weary friends

As he led me out the door

It hurts to walk; it hurts to stand

Been through all I could endure

But all my pains are nothing that

Somebody’s love could not cure

I’m pushed against a concrete wall

And know I’ve failed the test

He said I wasn’t fast enough

And reached into his vest

I close my eyes and cower

I shake, my senses dull

and feel the barrel of a gun

Against my skull

Isn’t there a better way

To entertain a crowd?

But my thoughts are interrupted

By a noise so hard and loud

I’m just another failure

Racing to my final day

And even all the winners

Will lose a race someday

They call it an “exciting sport”

They say that its humane

But a sport that always ends in death

To me, is not a game.



Author: eleonoragullone

I am an author, adjunct associate professor in psychology and have advocated for animal welfare for more than 15 years. On the basis of my extensive research, I can confidently argue that if we cultivate a culture of compassion toward all of our non-human citizens, including those currently exploited for human use (such as food, sport and experimentation), current and future generations will benefit through reduced antisocial and violent behaviour toward all sentient beings including humans. Over my 25-year career as an academic, I have published over 100 scholarly articles in refereed academic journals and have also conducted a number of projects examining the link between aggression toward humans and cruelty toward animals. In 2000, I founded a group within the Australian Psychological Society focused on promoting positive interactions between humans and animals. This work has resulted in several scholarly publications including a book published in 2012, titled Animal cruelty, Antisocial Behaviour and Aggression: More than a link.

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