Quotes from industry participants


“The racing career of greyhounds is quite short with most greyhounds only racing between about 1 and 3-4 years of age. As well as retiring greyhounds, there are greyhounds which never even make it to the track, creating a glut of animals needing rehoming. Many animals are being euthanased, despite being perfectly healthy, creating a large welfare and image problem for the industry”

Live Baiting

“From a young age greyhound pups are encouraged to kill, if they don’t, they are taught. Wild rabbits, chickens and baby chicks, guinea pigs, baby pigs, domestic rabbits, cats and kittens, possums anything that squeals. If they don’t kill they are mainly put down depending if they still chase.”

In a nutshell

“We breed ’em, we race ’em, we kill ’em, what’s ya problem?”


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