When is enough, enough? More corruption evidence regarding GRNSW .

The internal documents revealing that senior greyhound racing administrators were actively strategizing to downplay live baiting just days before the illegal practice was exposed by the ABC Four Corners program make it clear that cleaning up the industry is impossible. Now that that there is hard evidence that GRNSW officials knew about the systemic serious... Continue Reading →


An excellent summary of greyhound racing cruelty by Greg McFarlane

End the suffering in the greyhound racing industry Friday, March 6, 2015 By Greg McFarlane Greyhounds love to run but they have to be taught to race. The ABC’s Four Corners recently exposed the practice of live baiting in the multi-billion dollar greyhound racing industry. It showed greyhound trainers strapping piglets, possums and other animals... Continue Reading →

Quotes from industry participants

Killing “The racing career of greyhounds is quite short with most greyhounds only racing between about 1 and 3-4 years of age. As well as retiring greyhounds, there are greyhounds which never even make it to the track, creating a glut of animals needing rehoming. Many animals are being euthanased, despite being perfectly healthy, creating... Continue Reading →

The Facts about the Australian Greyhound Racing Industry

Excessive breeding and killing of young, healthy dogs. On average, 20,000 greyhounds are born each year. Only around 3,000 of these dogs qualify for racing. The vast majority of the remainder are killed. Despite overbreeding and excessive killing, governments encourage more breeding with taxpayer funded breeding incentives. Mass graves reveal evidence of inhumane killing (e.g.,... Continue Reading →

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